About Us

We at C & M Land Surveying pride ourselves on offering accurate and timely land surveying services at affordable prices.  Our mission is to provide outstanding customer satisfaction through our professionalism and dedication to providing superior products.
BOUNDARY SURVEYS:   While performing boundary retracement surveys, we seek out the true intent of the vesting documents in relationship to the evidence recovered in the field.  We strive to ensure that each and every boundary survey performed by C & M Land Surveying reflects this relationship and that it adheres to the laws and regulations as set out by the state of Tennessee.
TOPOGRAPHIC AND AS-BUILT SURVEYS:  We ensure that each drawing is clear, concise, detailed, and well labeled with more than enough information to complete your ongoing project.  With over a decade of collective experience working within a civil engineering design firm, we have a unique perspective on what information is required for proper design work.  By applying this perspective to our methodical field procedures, we ensure that the design professionals receive an accurate depiction of the on-site conditions.